Design, production of customized metal furnishings with automation mechanisms.

Our products are developed entirely for a prompt response to market demands. Thanks to a flexible production structure, the samples confirmed by the customer are quickly transformed into industrial production.

A manipulator with multiple degrees of freedom, governed automatically, reprogrammable, multi-purpose, which can be fixed on site or mobile for use in industrial automation applications

This is the robotic welding station, consisting of four independent stations where the pieces to be welded are loaded. The pieces are picked up by a manipulator robot that has a capacity of 150 kg on the wrist; these are brought to a second welding robot. This system, having the 6 axes of the manipulator robot, interpolated with the 6 axes of the welding robot, allows to weld very complex pieces; combined with the 4-island solution that increases efficiency and minimizes start-up time, this system is particularly efficient even for batches consisting of small series. The management of the loading-unloading cabins and the interfacing of the two robots was done through the electronic boards that Alessandro De Marchi designed and produced for De.Vi. srl as there were no pre-packaged systems of this type. As regards firmware programming, it was therefore necessary to program the control cards connected to the PLCs of the two robots, and the supervision and data entry system for the welding parameters which takes place via a software interface under the Windows system.


programmazione robot-ET
Milling machine center

This is a machining center specifically dedicated to working aluminum on a bar. It has a fast 4-axis head with automatic tool change and a 12-tool magazine. The machine is structured to work on two islands, so while the operator loads and unloads the pieces the machine works on the free island; it can work bars up to 6500 mm, with 6 independent clamps with automatic positioning.